Monday, September 27, 2010

high time

for another post. for some reason unknown to me, i'm inspired to blog today. maybe this time it'll really stick. don't hold your breath.

now, i need help with bedding. if you know me, i'm indecisive. i like seeing the final picture and deciding from there. i'm not good at picking out the pieces to get to the end. and i change my mind all the time. so, here's some things i like:

why is that so small?

clearly, i like white, grey, blue.

but the quilt i bought recently (to put on my bed and see how long i liked it) was brown with mostly reds and golds. i think i like whites and greys better.


Monday, July 19, 2010

here we go again.

Many, many thanks to Kate, my sweet friend who created this beautiful heading to my blog. For the few that will read this, you probably know that I had a blog a while back. Yeah, couldn't even remember the email and password to it to just revamp the old one, so this thing is completely new. Completely fresh. Appropriate for my life right now as I'm preparing to move to a new city (this weekend!) start a new job (my first big girl one!) as a nurse (oh my gosh!). I'll be living with people I've never lived with before, finding a church on my own, moving away from my hometown, etc. etc.

And I am beyond thrilled!